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Making a pie card

Pie cards are perfect to make for pastry aficionados, especially if you know a person who always harps about someone eating the last piece of blueberry pie. Why not humor this friend by making them a card that they can keep much longer than any slice of pie. The blueberry pie card pictured here is sitting on a checkered table cloth, with text that proclaims "who ate my pie!".

The blue pie was drawn on the card first.
The blue pie was drawn on the card first.
Drawing by Julia Hanna
The "Who Ate My Pie!" card illustration was created with colored pencils.
Drawing by Julia Hanna

The text on this card is not a question, but rather an exclamation to express the displeasure that a pastry connoisseur has with family and friends eating the pie they feel belongs solely to them. So consider making a pie card and an entire pie for the special pastry addict in your life, and they will thank you. Here are the steps that were used to create the pie-themed card.

Step 1:

Draw a circle that will be the pie for this card. The crimped edges were created with an ocher colored pencil. This pencil was used to create a braided type of sketch to make the crimped edges of the crust, and the rest of the crust was shaded in with the same colored pencil. Red and dark brown pencils were also used to add shading to the pie. A violet colored pencil was used to mimic the blueberry filling that looks like it is oozing out of the slats on the pie crust.

Step 2:

Draw a graph pattern around the pie to create the checkered table cloth the pie would sit on at a picnic.

Step 3:

Use a red colored pencil to color in the alternate squares on the checkered table cloth.

Step 4:

The "Who Ate My Pie" text on the card was created with a bronze colored pencil. The text was then outlined with a black marker to make it stand out against the checkered table cloth.

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