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Making a healthier picnic lunch with Subway sandwich platters

You can make your picnic or summer party healthier by making smart choices when ordering.
You can make your picnic or summer party healthier by making smart choices when ordering.
Photo by Alison via BeingAlison

With the summer picnic season finally approaching, many people are already starting to think about what no-fuss options are available. While there are a lot of benefits for preparing your own picnic fare and controlling your ingredients, it's not something that everyone has the time, space, or even the desire to do. Sometimes quick and easy is the best option.

Fortunately, there are healthier, affordable options available.

One fast-food restaurant that always gets mentioned when discussing healthy options is Subway. If you've ever watched shows like "The Biggest Loser" you've no doubt heard about some of the healthier selections they have to offer. Well, those selections are also available on their catering menu as well. They make it very easy to put together a healthy selection of sandwiches for your picnic or summer party.

It's quick and easy, too. You just go to their website, and you can choose which restaurant your order gets sent to. All you have to do is go to the restaurant you chose, pick up, your order, and you're good to go.

The Subway catering menu lists three sandwich platters you can choose from, including a "Fresh Fit" platter, as well as an option to build your own platter. The "Fresh Fit" platter does offer a vegetarian option, but all three platters have plenty of healthy items on them.

Once you pick the basic sandwich platter that sounds best to you, you get to start customizing your platter to make it as healthy and nutritious as you would like it to be. That way you can enjoy your lunch without feeling guilty.

Your first choice is selecting your bread, you can choose between Italian, 9-grain wheat, or a variety of breads. Choose the 9-grain wheat. It has more dietary fiber than the other breads, so it ranks better as far as the glycemic load, which means the carbs are released more slowly into your system.

You also have an option to add veggies, far more than just the basic lettuce and tomato. You can add cucumber, onion, pickles, black olives and more. This is an area where Subway separate itself from the competition. Add as many of the vegetables as you like. Most people don't get enough vegetables in their diet, so this is a chance to get more of this food group. Besides increasing the amount of nutrients, it also increases the amount of fiber in the meal.

The final thing you can do to make your picnic lunch healthier is to get the sauces on the side. You can choose which sauces you want on your sandwich without forcing your choices on someone with different tastes. This also gives you more control over how much sauce you use. Everything on the subway menu has zero trans-fats, so it's really just a matter of personal preference which sauce you choose.

Going on a picnic or summer party doesn't mean you have to throw your healthy eating habit out the door. There are many ways you can enjoy eating a tasty meal and still make healthy, nutritious diet choices.

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