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Making a connection with your Tarot deck

Reading the Tarot can offer insight to assist one on their spiritual journey.
Reading the Tarot can offer insight to assist one on their spiritual journey.
Lena M. Townsend, RMP

Making a lasting connection with ones cards is much like building a lasting relationship. It takes time, understanding, commitment, consistency, respect, and a desire to grow. To begin establishing any relationship the two involved must become familiar with each other. The cards are no exception to this rule. Spending quality time learning about the cards is one of the first steps. Respecting what they have to offer, being committed to learning more and consistently practicing is necessary.

One of the best ways to begin forming a connection with the cards is to keep them close. Sleeping with them under the pillow, carrying them in a pocket, or storing them in a place where ones energy is often exerted will help strengthen the connection between the reader and their deck. The stronger the connection of these two energies becomes, the more clearly and easily the messages will be sent and received. This gives the reader more accuracy in interpreting the symbols, which in turn leads to a better understanding of ones true spiritual path in life.

Most decks come with a small book or pamphlet that offers a general description and meaning of each card included in the deck. Those that wish to use these as their only means of interpreting the cards will find that their readings are very limited when it comes to offering understanding of the steps one must take in order to grow spiritually.

Insightful readings will include an intuitive understanding of the cards and the necessary steps to enlightenment. A reader that wishes to take their reading to a deeper, more soulful, level will strive to use their own psychic gifts in order to offer a more detailed, and spiritual, understanding of their reading. When looking at the cards they will not only look at the general description but they will add in their intuitive thoughts and feelings toward the cards. Trusting the first thought that comes to mind they will offer the person they are reading for the messages that their soul feels must be conveyed.

Though this takes time to develop, everyone is blessed with the psychic gift of intuition. Some may call it gut instinct while others will refer to it as a feeling. Either way, one must trust what they are being given psychically and allow that energy to flow naturally if they hope to offer insightful messages or any form of mediumship while reading the cards.