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Making a chalkboard wall

Making a chalkboard is a great project for a kid’s bedroom or an office. Fortunately, this project takes about a day and is relatively easy to do. Start by gathering together the supplies you’ll need. Go to the local hardware store and purchase chalkboard paint, primer, sand paper, brushes, and any framing materials that you want.

Next, select the wall that you want to turn into a chalkboard. Consider the placement of the wall and the amount of light it receives when making this decision. A chalkboard wall in a dark or shadowy area will probably not get a lot of use and be hard to read.

Once you’ve selected the wall, use the sandpaper to remove any old paint or wallpaper from the area. This is probably the most time consuming part of the process, but you can speed it up by having older children help sand. It’s not necessary to remove all of the old paint or wallpaper, but it is important to have a smooth area to create the chalkboard on.

If you’re not planning on creating a chalkboard out of the entire wall, take a few moments to tape off the section you are planning on using. Any type of standard painter’s tape will do for this step. This will prevent you from spilling over into an area you don’t want to turn into a chalkboard, and also give you a much neater final appearance.

Next, paint a coat of primer on the area. Unlike other types of paint, chalkboard paint does not contain its own primer in the can, so it is important not to skip this step. Make sure the primer is completely dry before moving on.

After the primer dries, apply the chalkboard paint to the area. Use slow, even brush strokes to make sure that the paint gets applied evenly. Uneven paint will lead to an uneven, bumpy chalkboard. Wait for the first coat to completely dry, then apply a second coat.

Once the second coat completely dries, it’s time to prime the chalkboard. Simply writing on the chalkboard could leave scratches in the board, and it will leave patches where the chalk will not adhere to the board. Fortunately, priming is very easy. Use the flat side of a piece of chalk and color the board completely with chalk. Leave the chalk on for about a minute, then erase. At this point, your chalkboard is ready for use.

If you want to add a frame to the board, go ahead and do so now. Otherwise, enjoy your new chalkboard. If you ever change your mind, you can get rid of the chalkboard simply by painting over it.

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