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Makeup Tips for big round eyes quick makeup tips

Makeup Tips for Big Round Eyes Quick Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips for Big Round Eyes Quick Makeup Tips

The same eye makeup technique does not work for everyone it varies for every individual lady have to do makeup according to her eye shape. As the round eyes has not exact but almost nearly the same width and height. These types of eyes looks awesome .You can also make round eyes attractive by applying some techniques and useful tips it is helpful for people who have a round eye.

You can turn your eyes to Smokey one or give them a wild full look by applying makeup techniques, but here is a problem if you have round eyes, probably they need extra time and makeup to be covered properly but it’s not difficult if you will once try to use proper and best colors, mostly ladies having round eyes wants to make them looks wider and larger by applying correct makeup.

Use any eye shadow that use like apply it cheerfully on an eye. If you do not like the dark shadow you can apply the dark eye pencil .Now take your eyeliner and be careful when you are going to apply it because eye shape depends on it.

Apply eye liner from the corner of the eye. When you reach at the center make the line thinner. You can also make a wing at the outside part of eye. Now move to the lower part of eye use any eye shadow and draw a line near to your lash line then use the balding brush to bland it.

It is easy to apply anyone can apply it even at a home. Mascara helps to make the eye large and beautiful. First make sure that your Mascara is of the quality. When you are applying mascara put more focus on outer third of upper eyelashes with less mascara on your middle and inner eyelashes. For the round eyes dark color are the preferable like black brown dark blue.