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Makeup survey reveals 'most iconic beauty trends of all time'

A recent makeup survey conducted via Superdrug has revealed the “top 20 most iconic beauty trends of all time” according to The Huffington Post on Wednesday. It was not a surprise that red lips, made famous by Marilyn Monroe, is number one on the list followed by a few others that raised an eyebrow or two.

Red lips, a smoky eye, false eyelashes, a fake tan and heavy eyeliner are among the top five "most iconic beauty trends of all time."
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe's red lips are the "most iconic beauty trends of all time," according to a new makeup survey.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Superdrug surveyed 2,000 women to rate the “top 20 most iconic beauty trends of all time in the order of popularity.” Bright red lipstick, smoky eyes, false eyelashes, a fake tan and heavy eyeliner were among the top five, all of which are visible in the slideshow. However, it seemed odd that a fake tan would rank as high as it did on the list of the “most iconic beauty trends of all time.”

Further down the survey, which can be seen in its entirety at The Huffington Post, were blue eye shadow and lip piercing, numbers 12 and 13 respectively, two more conundrums on the “most iconic beauty trends of all time” list. Beauty trends, yes, as the term trend refers to the fashion of the moment, but not iconic, which relates to something that is classic. Lip piercing hasn’t been around long enough to be considered timeless, a fact reiterated by a spokesperson of Superdrug that commented on the report.

It's fascinating that we return time and time again to the classic beauty looks. This research shows us that the power of a fabulous red lip remains one of women's favorite and most dramatic beauty looks.

A red pout is undoubtedly sexy, but not easy for every lip to master. Pearly whites compliment red lips, but the color should be avoided if one’s teeth are yellow. As women age they suffer from lipstick issues, especially if one is or was a smoker and has fine lines around the lips. The chemicals in the cigarettes age the skin, as does the action of pursing the lips. The sucking in and blowing out cause wrinkles and fine lines, which also occur from smoking marijuana and drinking from a straw.

To avoid lip bleed with red lipstick, outline the lips with eye concealer around the outside of the lip using a small lip brush. Then line the lips with a nude lip liner or one that matches the lip color you love. A lip primer is very useful to prevent lip bleed or feathering, however some prefer not to have the added expense.

Lip stains are a great way to add long-lasting color with high gloss that doesn’t bleed. Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge lip stain is a favorite of the Long Island Beauty Lookbook Examiner. It is waterproof liquid lip color, which could be worn matted or glossed, available at Sephora, in 17 hot shades to choose from.

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