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Makeup helping you to look younger

New Beauty magazine April issue
New Beauty magazine April issue

We are always looking for products that allow our skin to radiate and give us that fresh youthful appearance.  You've gone through all the day and night creams, but have you given any thought to the makeup that you put over those products?  We know that just concealer or cream alone cannot completely reverse the process of aging, but they can help to slightly diminish the look of your problem areas as well as give you a boost of confidence.  After all, when you put your best face forward others take notice.  This months issue of New Beauty magazine gives insight on some makeup products that can allow you to look younger instantly.  This issue also includes photos of some incredible makeovers using the products they discuss in the issue.

Makeup artists lends their expertise in this issue and discuss techniques addressing eye discoloration, uneven skin tone, blotchy and tired-looking skin.   A few products listed in this issue are Givenchy's Photo Perfexion Fluid Foundation $44 at, Armani Sheer Blush $43 at and Glominerals Globrow brow transforming essentials $45 at To read up on how these products and more work to give you an instant youthful look as well as view photos of some truly spectacular makeovers, check out New Beauty magazine or subscribe by going to