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Makeup for the expecting woman

People say when you’re pregnant you’re absolutely, positively glowing! As much as that goes for celebrities, in the real world, we expectant women have to deal with skin rashes, uneven skin tones, new found freckles, acne, and not to mention…weight gain! It throws our entire makeup routine off for nine months.
So what can you do to help you look a little bit more appealing during those nine months? One thing you can do is not try heavier makeup. It will not only make you feel overdone, but also make you feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Here’s a trick: Go one shade darker or lighter than you normally would. When you’re expecting, your skin tone tends to change. Be sure to match your foundation to whatever skin tone you have at the moment. How can you be sure it is your shade? Rub it on your jaw and if it blends equally without creating a demarcation line, it’s your shade.
With blush, you can go a shade lighter than you normally would. When you’re pregnant, your hormone levels are shot through the roof. One little thing can set your face blushing like you normally wouldn’t. So take a vacation on the red cheeks because it will be doing that naturally on its own for nine months.
With lipstick, it never fails to wear a little bit of red for evening or party wear. Otherwise, bright pink lip gloss can be your friend for it brings out the rosy side of you and with pink cheeks, it never goes wrong.
Don’t let your skin become flaky overnight either. Make sure to moisturize daily with your skin care regimen. It will help your makeup go on softer and smoother, and also at the end of the nine months, your skin won’t be suffering so bad.
Don’t worry moms-to-be, makeup can still be your friend during your precious nine months of carrying that wonderful child. It may be a little bumpy with some skin conditions, but there’s nothing makeup won’t cure. And if there’s a day where you feel really out of it, consider treating yourself for a facial and a makeup application at your local salon.    


  • beth 5 years ago

    Wow, I did not know that pregnant ladies go through all of that!

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