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Makeup for prom


You’ve found the dress, now it’s time to tackle the makeup. As important as the dress is, blending in the correct makeup is also important for prom. You don’t want to go overboard, but you also want to stand out. Making sure that you use waterproof mascara and liner is a huge must. You will be dancing, sweating is prone to happen. You don’t want to look like you’ve been sitting a sauna halfway through prom.

Mineral makeup is a good way to go, especially because prom tends to be a romantic time. Mineral makeup is light, soft, and shimmery. It gives the effect of shine in your eyes.
Lip gloss is a great way for prom. It’s shiny and it gives you a very soft and glamorous look. You can go red if you want to, but I’d recommend going with the 24 hour stay lipstick if you do choose to go red. This way, you won’t have to reapply after each time you drink. Plus this way, you won’t leave a mark anywhere. This tube of lip gloss from Mark Cosmetics is a great one to try.
Remember that when going out always carry some facial tissues in your purse. You can use this to dab off any excess oil on your face. There’s a fine line between shiny and oily. You’d rather be the ladder. You definitely don’t want to look oily for your prom pictures.
If you’re wearing white or pink, you can try pink eye shadow. First apply primer to your lids. If you don’t have any, you can use liquid foundation. Dust first with your base of a shimmery pink all over your lids. Next use a darker pink and apply that from your crease to the bottom of your lid. Then choose a darker pink and draw an upside down C on the outer corner of your eyes. Line your eyes with liner and then dab some dark pink on your water line.
Makeup applied by Houa Lor; model Alicia Yang; Photographed by NVT.
If you’re wearing blue, white, or black, you can use dark blue eye shadow. As always prime your eyes. Apply a light shade of white for your base. Choose a light blue for your crease to the bottom of your lid. Then choose a darker blue and apply that from the bottom of the lid to just below the crease. Line your water line with the same dark blue.
Makeup by Houa Lor; model Ia Ong Vang; photographed by NVT.
If you’re wearing black, you can do the smoky eye effect. Prime your eyes and then using a light shimmery gold, apply that as your base. Next select a very chocolate brown for the outer corner of your eyes. Line both the lash line and water line.
Makeup by Houa Lor; self
The golden rule: Loud mouth = soft lips. If you’re going bold in the eyes, go soft on your lips. Prom is a time to be remembered forever, don’t ruin it by going overboard on your makeup.
So…have fun in your beautiful gown and dazzle with outstanding makeup.


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