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Makeup Eraser

I haven’t left the house without putting on makeup since I was 16 years old. Dolling up each morning as soon as my feet hit the floor became a mindless routine. The chore of scrubbing it all off at night was also routine. After all these years, I found a game changer!

Makeup Eraser Display
Candy Turner
Makeup Eraser Happy Baby!
Candy Turner

Makeup Eraser is a soft polyester cloth that thoroughly removes makeup with just water. One side of the cloth exfoliates, the other gently removes all your makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner…in seconds.

The first time I used my Makeup Eraser, I was prepared to scrub as usual…maybe with a little less effort, but effort none the less. Instead, with the first swipe of the cloth, my eye makeup was gone! A few more swipes and there was no evidence that I’d ever even applied it. I demonstrated the Makeup Eraser for my daughter and she was totally impressed at how quickly my makeup disappeared. An added perk was that my skin felt smoother and looked fresher after cleaning my face with the cloth, using only water.

The more I learned about Makeup Eraser, the more impressed I was. Here’s why:
• If you have sensitive skin, you’re a great candidate for Makeup Eraser. Chemicals in facial products and soaps leave residue in your pores, promoting breakouts. Makeup Eraser deep cleans your face, removing bacteria. (Did you catch that, guys?)
Makeup Eraser is unscented. It will only smell like the detergent you wash it in.
Makeup Eraser is a must-have for anyone with permanent cosmetics who needs to avoid chemicals.
Makeup Eraser is machine washable. It’s good for about 1000 washes, it won’t lose its shape, and it comes out stain-free.

As I became more and more familiar with the Makeup Eraser all I could think was: “Who would not love this product???” Besides every friend I have, I thought of industries that would also love it…salons, spas, gift shops, plastic surgeons, modeling agencies, specialty shops. I had no choice but to jump on board to share Makeup Eraser with everyone.

Makeup Eraser is one of those “How did I ever live without it?” products. If you’re quick, you won’t have to because I have a few on hand. But the company ships promptly, so you'll have yours within a few days regardless. Email me with any questions you have. I love to talk about this product!

Candy Turner

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