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Makeup artist redefines Chron's and colitis with bikini photo

An aspiring model posed with a colostomy bag similar to this because she is tired of hiding her illness.
An aspiring model posed with a colostomy bag similar to this because she is tired of hiding her illness.

Professional makeup artist Bethany Townsend has redefined what people think about Chron’s disease and colitis in a photo she shared of herself in a sexy bikini and colostomy bags reported the Huffington Post on Tuesday. The aspiring model posted the photo on Facebook because she has finally had enough of hiding what is now a part of who she is.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but what defines it? Many beautiful celebrities and models have claimed confidence is the façade that creates the image. Of course perfect features help, but even the most esthetically pleasing to the eye might not be so to another. And we all, even the most idealistic, have some type of scar, whether hidden, visible or deep within the walls of the psyche. Confidence has catapulted Bethany Townsend to move past what has hindered her most of her life.

In the Huffington Post story that sheds hope on a debilitating disease, a 23-year-old from Worcestershire has proclaimed her illness will not alter her perception of beauty. The lovely makeup artist/model posted a photo as she tanned wearing aviators, a black bikini and colostomy bags on the Chron's and Colitis UK Facebook page on June 21 captioned by her story. As of this publication Bethany Townsend has received over 205,000 likes, and counting, with a multitude of compliments and more than 16,000 reshares.

Townsend has had Chron’s from the age of three and was misdiagnosed until 11 when she had 16 inches of bowel removed. For the past 12 years the makeup artist/model has been on an unfathomable amount of medications and was tube fed for four of them. Bethany’s bowel burst four years ago after five surgeries and the result was two colostomy bags.

After all of this, and more, Bethany Townsend is still hopeful. On a trip with her husband to Mexico in December of 2013 she revealed her illness to the world, and enjoyed her holiday in a bikini, bags and all. “I decided that my colostomy bags shouldn’t control my life…I finally showed I wasn’t ashamed. Still hoping for a cure…”

Yes, Bethany, confidence is key to beauty at any age. You could help the aspiring model find a cure with a donation to Chron's and Colitis UK.

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