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Makeup Artist Francoise Saint Pierre:Transforming looks all over the world

Makeup artist of the world Francoise Saint Pierre
Photographer: Katie Nolan

When did you first get into makeup artistry?

Serendipity. I moved to Los Angeles because I love the lifestyle. I quit my job as an Auditor in Canada and decided to take some artistic classes. I hesitated between makeup and fashion design. I finally picked makeup and went to Cinema Makeup School. Six months or so after I graduated, I met the international trainer for Lise Watier. We connected right away and he offered me a job as a business developer. I have been working for them since then. I am now taking care of all the big makeup shows in Los Angeles for the brand and doing makeup as well. It was a pretty easy process and I did not have to force it.

Who inspired you growing up to follow this line of work?

Besides my aunt, no one in my family is very artistically driven. I always loved art and think that creating is very rewarding. I have always liked the sixties look and thought that Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve were great beauties. It wasn’t anyone in particular but I loved magazines and wanted to look like the top models of the early nineties (Karen Mulder was my favorite). When I was younger, I was taking a lot of classes at the beauty counter in my hometown. I think the makeup artists working there were the ones that inspired me.

What are some of the best tips to live by when applying makeup?

Most of the work is done before applying makeup. Preparation is very important. Make sure to get a good picture of your model/client and think what does it needs to be adjusted, as does the style I am going for what will suit her eyes and lips shape etc. Then prepare your kit well. Usually, you don’t have much time to apply makeup and it can get chaotic and stressful. I use Lavender sanitizer which smells lovely and is very relaxing. I also use embryolisse moisturiser since it goes well on every skin. I like to apply foundation with a Beauty Blender. If you are shooting outside, make sure to use a SPF too, you don’t want your model to look like a lobster at the end of the day. I always bring a makeup chair, your back will thank you later.

What would be your dream shoot to work on?

An editorial with a celebrity for Vogue would be my dream shoot.

Who are some of you favorite makeup artists?

Tom Pécheux, Serge Lutens, Anthony Gordon and Rae Morris.

What Project are you working on?

I just did a campaign for the Australian brand called Faithful the brand with Australian Model Camille Piazza and my last beauty editorial with Katie Nolan will be published next month. Next will be a short movie called “Leave Me Not”- there will be nothing pretty about that makeup!!!

What would be your advice to aspiring makeup artists?

Take every opportunity you have. Go to all the makeup shows, not to take selfies with youtube bloggers but to attend classes with master makeup artists. You will learn a great deal form them. There are great books about makeup, I think that self thought is possible, read them, try the look, the techniques. Make sure to assist people that have more experience than you and practice a lot!

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