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Makeup artist Elaina Badro launches brush collection

Celebrity makeup artist, Elaina Badro
Celebrity makeup artist, Elaina Badro
Elaina Badro

While everyone else played sports or video games when Elaina Badro was growing up in Los Angeles, CA, she played “makeup” and was considered the beauty and fashion go-to girl for her unparalleled expertise. "I always had a feeling that I was going to work in cosmetics someday," says Elaina.

Cut to the present: Elaina is now playing makeup for real and spending her time on the red carpets of award shows and on the sets of commercials, ad campaigns and music videos. An internationally recognized makeup artist, Elaina has worked with tons of celebrities over the years.

Because of the makeup magic she so effortlessly creates with a stroke of a brush, not to mention her passionate and personable nature, Elaina has become an industry favorite.

Speaking of brushes, Elaina has just launched her very own collection of cosmetic brushes that up until recently, were only available to the trade. Makeup artists Denika Bedrossian (MUA to Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine) and Rob Scheppy (MUA to the Kardashians) all use and love EB brushes for their flawless application.

The idea of her 15-piece brush collection came to her years ago while working as a highly regarded makeup artist at M-A-C Cosmetics throughout college. “Women would splurge on makeup, but never invest in a set of quality makeup brushes.” Elaina recalls. “You can buy the most expensive products, but if you don’t have the fundamental tools for a flawless application, it’s a waste of money.”

To recreate your own red-carpet look, snag some Elaina Badro brushes here.

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