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Makeup and skincare for sensitive skins

Sensitive Skincare
Sensitive Skincare
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz

Busy Chicago women don't have much time to search around for beauty products, including the ones with even the most sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may struggle to find makeup companies that have gentle products that suit you. While it may take longer to find the best products for you, you can be assured that you can get the same makeup looks that you see in magazines without all of the harsh products.

Clinique- Clinique has historically kept a line of products sensitive to skin. Go online to check out their vast arrary of sensitive skin products.

Lancome Paris- Lancome Paris is known for their high end collection of sensitive skin products. See their products, or go in the store where they can answer your questions.

Almay-If you are looking for an inexpensive line of sensitive skin items, look no further than Almay. Almay is easily found in drugstores for very reasonable prices. They carry makeup for lips, eyes, and faces in many colors.