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Makes you wonder


I have to wonder if getting older makes it more difficult for a person to find or fall in love. With each year, a person seems to add a little more baggage, and baggage is never a good ingredient for a solid relationship.

Personally, I struggle with letting people in; having been hurt over and over it becomes difficult to trust other people. I know other people that fling themselves at people of the opposite sex in desperation, and then there's the people who avoid the whole love and dating scene altogether.

What do you think? Is it easier to fall in love when a person is young and "stupid." Or is love more pure and honest when you find it when you are older?


  • Rose 5 years ago

    I think the age you fall in love is highly individualistic. Some young people ‘fall in love’ at the site of each new person they meet, until it gets stomped into their hearts that not every handsome stranger is ‘the one’. Some people are so reserved as young people, they spend what they feel is a long time without love, when they get older they finally ‘let loose’ or ‘lower their requirements’. When in all actuality, Love doesn’t follow a List or a Timeline; it finds you when it decides. You can’t control Love. You can only control you, focus on who you are meant to be. What age a person falls in love might be classified under the category of 'nature versus nurture' by people interested in psychology. Do we know what love is because we were 'raised to know'? Or do we know what love is because it’s in our nature to know? I was not 'raised right' but I always believed in true love, and that the world was filled with honorable, heroic people. I've been thrown off track and ran over by the train a few times. Hurt so badly I thought I'd never recover. But God and Time taught me to learn from the ache, not let it make me bitter. I found my true love in my mid 20's. I don't know if I was 'old' or 'young' for falling in love. I know I was repeatedly, profoundly broken before I recognized it. After 15 years of true love, I can testify that there is nothing more powerful!