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Makeover Monday: Torch 200 calories in 14 Minutes

Torch 200 Calories in Fourteen Minutes
Torch 200 Calories in Fourteen Minutes
Kayla Itsines

Working out can be a drag and the idea of hitting the gym for an hour or two to burn off that ever so delicious brownie may not top your to-do list. Well if all you have is 14 minutes then this workout from Kayla Itsines, Personal Trainer and the Founder of the Bikini Body Training Company, is just for you.

Repeat the flow of this routine as many times as you can in 14 minutes you can burn about 200 calories, without hitting the treadmill or lifting any weights. Give this a shot a let me know what you think.

Jump Squats
This combination of squatting and jumping will have your legs burning in no time. Stay focused on form throughout and you will not only target the back of the leg, but also appear to lengthen the total thigh muscle. Do this for 10-15 reps.

Box Jumps
Start by jumping from a lower level to a higher platform such as a step or bench to target your entire leg. Just make sure that whatever you are jumping on can support your weight and is stable. Although utilizing all leg muscles, this will have a big impact on your glutes. Do this for 10-12 reps and even though your legs will be shaking just keep in mind that you are achieving the look of a Gisele Bundchen booty.

Weighted Step Ups (Can Be Done Without Weights)
This is a total body exercise that focuses on the quads but gets your entire body moving and working hard. This move can tone your entire body because you are strengthening your core, which allows all other muscles to work together. Complete 10-12 reps per leg and it will heighten your cardio.

Raised Leg Lunges
This high impact exercise puts your butt and thighs to work. With little to no added weight for resistance, complete 10- 12 reps on each leg and you too can sport a Angelina Jolie thigh high slit.

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