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Makeover Monday: Top 3 Back Exercises

Sexy Back

The back is an often overlooked area to strengthen and yet it supports us in so many ways. In order to keep good posture we must strengthen the back muscles. Here are three Fitness Expert Patricia Friberg shares her favorite three moves to securing a perfectly upright posture.

This first move works will tone the entire back. The ball adds a balance challenge to the exercise which will help tone the core stabilizers including the abdominals, mulitfidus, and gluteus.

Fitness Ball

Lie in a prone position on the ball (pelvis and abdomen on the ball), toes are on the floor, arms forward, thumb side of the palm up and shoulder distance apart.

First lift you upper body up and bring your arms in to a letter "Y" position then lower. Repeat 10 times.
Next with the arms in a letter "T" position lift and lower the arms and upper body. Repeat 10 times.
With the arms in a letter "I" and the thumbs upward lift and lower the arms and upper body. Repeat 10 times.
No ball no problem do the same movements on the floor.

Breast Stroke Full

This exercise benefits the upper back as well as improves your posture.
Lie on your back in a prone position hands right outside the shoulders, legs straight and feet hip distance apart and on the floor. Inhale then exhale to dive the arms forward upper body hovering off the mat. Inhale and circle the arms around as you lift your torso up to your bottom rib only (no higher and feet stay on the floor). The head stays in line with the spine (watch for over extending the neck). Exhale to bend the elbow and dive the arms forward to hover. Do 10 reps.

All Fours: Opposite Arm Opposite Leg Lift.

This is great for the overall health of the back especially the spinal stabilizers.
Position yourself on all fours with your legs hip distance and hands directly under your shoulders. Keeping your pelvis stable simultaneously lift and reach the right leg and left arm so that they are parallel to the floor (pause at the top). You will want to avoid any tipping or swaying in torso area, lower the arm and leg at the same time. Then lift the left leg and right arm. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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