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Makeover Monday: Four Reasons to Just Get Up and Dance

Makeover Monday: Four Reasons to Just Get Up and Dance
Makeover Monday: Four Reasons to Just Get Up and Dance
Fred Astaire Dance Studio of New York City East

Most of us dread exercising because it feels work and not something that we do for fun. A few years ago a new television program came along called So You Think You Can Dance, that has stolen the hearts of many and quite possibly have gotten us all thinking that maybe we can do a little fox trot. Plus Zumba has taken off and become the thing to do. "The growth we've seen from students looking for an alternative to the gym is really amazing," Marina Tarsinov, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in New York East said, "As more information continues to spread on the mental, physical and emotional benefits from taking ballroom dance, we're seeing more people interested in giving it a try."

There have been studies from the Mayo Clinic that state that dancing continuously for 30 minutes is as effective as if you were walking, swimming or cycling and cycling. They have also reported that getting your boogey on can lead to lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels.

Here are some styles of ballroom dancing that you should give a try to. Perhaps you have a little Ginger or Fred Astaire in you.

Tango- In a recent study of 100 adults it was found to help lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. If that’s a great reason to do it just remember it is one sexy looking dance number.

Waltz- In a study of 110 heart-failure patients, researchers found that dancing the waltz three times a week for eight weeks was impactful in improving cardiopulmonary function as exercising on a treadmill or bicycle.

Swing- This fast paced dance is a good way to get your heart rate up and burn away those dreaded fat causing calories.

Cha-Cha- In a study conducted in 2011 the effects of dance on cognitive function in elderly patients with metabolic syndrome was measured. For the group that did the Cha-Cha twice a week for six months it was reported that they did better on various cognitive function tests.