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Makenzie Wethington: Teen girl lives through 3,500 foot fall, 'good condition'

Makenzie Wethington is being called a “miracle child” this week after the teen girl lived through a massive 3,500 foot fall. Incredibly, the 16-year-old from Texas is being described as in “good condition” after surviving a frightening skydiving accident this Saturday. Today News reports this Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, that the brave skydiver has been taken out of intensive care, but remains hospitalized to remedy her non life-threatening injuries.

Photo of teen girl before scary skydiving fall
Twitter Photo Image, USA Today

While Makenzie Wethington suffered a lacerated kidney and liver, several broken bones and a cracked tooth from her devastating fall, the teen girl is said to be in high spirits just to have her life. The 16-year-old is reportedly still hospitalized in an Oklahoma medical center for at least several more days as of Tuesday evening, but officials for the hospital have confirmed that she is in good condition.

“Amazingly enough, she required no surgery for any of those injuries,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bender, the OU Medical Center trauma surgeon who oversaw Mackenzie’s care on Saturday night. “I have no idea how she survived.”

According to her father, Joe, Makenzie Wethington had wanted to go skydiving for several years. As a gift for her 16th birthday, her dad decided to surprise her by taking her to a local skydiving site. Although Makenzie was said to be raring to go, her mother, Holly, told sources that she felt unhappy with the whole situation from the very beginning. In fact, her hesitant mother noted that she was against signing any key release forms until she felt confident that Makenzie would only be participating in a “tandem jump” for her 3,500 foot fall, one that would include her riding alongside an experienced skydiver.

However, both Joe and Makenzie Wethington were “shocked” to learn that such a tandem jump was not allowed.

“It was not a part of the program there ... but Mackenzie was already so excited,” Joe said. “She wanted to do it anyway. ... She was just too excited.”

Joe added that he’s just so grateful his daughter is alive and lived through the frightening ordeal. When he realized she had suffered the 3,500 fall with her skydiving gear malfunctioning, he never thought she would have survived.

“She’s a miracle,” he told TODAY. “She’s a miracle child. She jumped out of a plane but she fell in God’s hands,” he noted on Tuesday afternoon. “Compared to when she came in here, she’s doing great.”

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