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Make yourself accountable in 2010

Make the new year a "Perfect '10!"
Make the new year a "Perfect '10!"
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For New Year's it is custom to make resolutions and comittments to how much better the next year is going to turn out than the last. Some of us disappoint ourselves by not accomplishing those resolutions, and some of us supercedes all our expectations and truly have an improved year and life.I never got caught up in making New Year's Resolutions because saying something never drives me to make it so; I'd rather just do it! Also, I've learned that my life is not in my hands, it's in someones who's much more powerful than me, so I strive to let His will be done.

Of course, there are things I'd like to see happen and unveil for me, and there are steps I need to take to get there. By speaking out what I want to do and how I'm going to make that happen, it creates a sort-of accountability. Since I know someone besides myself knows my plan or thoughts, I feel compelled to at least give it a try. One thing I claim for 2010 is- I will be more driven and career-focused than ever...Time out for games...Not only will I be goal-oriented but I will accomplish them!

Create an accountability for yourself right now and share one thing that you'll like to make happen in 2010!

Happy New Year!

Be Safe. Be Blessed. Be Loved.

See you in 2010


  • Raniesha 5 years ago

    I will strive to be more consistent in the choices that I make and actually commit to them.

  • RON~YEA! 5 years ago

    I will work on becoming a better me all around!