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Make your voice heard on sentencing ChemNutra--the dog and cat poisoners!

Raise your voice in the sentencing of the ChemNutra case to keep our beloved pets safe!
Raise your voice in the sentencing of the ChemNutra case to keep our beloved pets safe!

ChemNutra is the company that was responsible in 2007 for the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats. The company knowingly and deceptively imported toxic vegetable proteins from China and produced pet foods that contained melamine, a dangerous poison. Executives from ChemNutra (the Millers) have been convicted for those crimes.

Judge John T. Maughmer will be handing down his sentence to the guilty defendants in this case on Feb. 5. So you have just two days to make your voice heard!

Please see this article on the site to find out how to submit your comments about the judging.

TruthAboutPetFood is a very widely respected site that evaluates dog and cat food and treats on the basis of far more than just the ingredients printed on the bag. The author of the site, Sue Thixton, does actual investigation into the source of ingredients and the quality ingredients and includes those elements in the posted evaluations. Virtually all other online pet food review sites do so only on the basis of the label on the bag--which indicates nothing at all about ingredient quality and product safety.

The Dayton Pets Examiner is proud to be an independent field representative for products from Trilogy International, which markets pet products under its HealthyPetNet division. We are especially proud to note that Sue Thixton from TruthAboutPetFood also uses these products and has done so for several years. To read her comments on that topic, see her article.

Please email the judge in the ChemNutra case right away. Let's make sure that these convicted criminals are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Let's also send the message to the rest of the pet food industry that "business as usual" cannot include killing our pets, simply because it's cheaper for a company to do that than to produce high-quality and safe products.


  • Virginia 5 years ago

    I've read the news coverage about this company and they are real scoundrels. Thousands of pets died. Throw the book at them!

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