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Make your snow photos stand out

Already social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with photos of snow from all your friends in Arkansas.

Most snow photos are taken just to show the novelty of snow on places we don't usually see it. Being Southerners, we see snow rarely enough to be a little enchanted about it.

But you can gain a reputation as a good photographer among your friends by following these simple photography principles in your snow photos.

Detail: Instead of just pointing your camera at your back yard and snapping a picture, focus on a cool or humorous detail, like this photo my friend Cary Jenkins took of her garden ornament.

Framing: Use tree limbs, doorways, fences, even icicles to give definition to your photo. This will keep you from just having a sort of blobby field of white.

Composition: Instead of just photographing anything and everything, compose photos carefully to emphasize the things that look great to you. Pay attention to what you leave out as much as you do to what you leave in. If something will distract from your photo leave it out!

Action: Find someone doing something. Snow fun pictures are great! Just make sure your shutter speed is high enough to stop the action. Things in the snow in ice, like sledders and snowballs, can move pretty fast. If you go this route be sure and keep both eyes open. One or the other might be coming right at you!
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