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Make your sex life better with prolonged foreplay

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Imagine baking chocolate brownies without preheating the oven, or running a 100 meter race without any training. The same principles apply when it comes to sex. In order to have better sex, both the partners involved need to get in a good mood and this is where the foreplay plays the erotic role.

Most of the times, men get aroused faster than women as the process of lovemaking functions differently for different genders. After the arousal, most men tend to reach the climax within a few minutes, which may not be satisfactory for women. Studies have shown that intercourse for women is a mental act, where they need to be touched, cuddled and pampered before getting into the play. Poor foreplay can result in dissatisfaction in women. As a result, they may not be able to reach the climax due to lack of lubrication, arousal or excitement.

So what is the solution? Perhaps, it must be noted that touch matters a lot and feeling each other’s body before reaching the home base is important for better sex. A passionate and a long kiss is a good way to start the process, followed with some dirty talks and teasing for better arousal. Follow the given tips for holding at each base for a long, pleasurable and satisfactory sex for both the partners.

First Base

The first base for foreplay focuses on making out with tongue. Studies have shown that couples feel happier and excited after prolonged kissing and warm face-to-face contact. This not just boosts their peripheral circulating proteins, but also improve overall well-being. To begin with, focus on French kissing as it offers a deep connection in minimum time period.

Women can make the foreplay more sizzling by planting a closed-lip kiss on her partner's collar bone or ears. You can also try tracing your tongue around the curves of his lips, moving gently on the corners with delicate skin. As for guys, moving from top to bottom is the best approach to consider when it comes to kissing.

Second Base

Touch is an important part of a relationship and thus, it should be unique and surprising at every point of time. Holding hands while sitting on your patios is cute, but creating a wonderful feel before you reach the place can make things hot. The second base to foreplay revolves around knowing each other’s body, which involves exploring those parts of your partners’ body that give them erotic feelings and satisfaction.

So when you and your partner are sitting in a dark movie hall or any secluded corner of the bar, do not hesitate swiping each other’s hands into most private parts of your body. Be still throughout such session, and give signals to one another about how good the touch feels in most unexpected places. Whatever you do, do it in a slow and deliberate manner with your motions in control.

Third Base

Most couples just like to get into the act in the privacy of their bedroom. Rushing through the things makes sense if you have been getting into the foreplay in your car on the way home. But if you didn't get the chance, it is advised to take out some time to make each other horny. It is a shame to start the foreplay from below the belt. Couples in long term relationships should also focus on prolonged foreplay for better sex that would last longer.

One of the best ways for women is to ask her guy to close his eyes, wet the hands and use them to mingle with the testicles. The mixture of blow job and wet hands will give him the sensation of two mouths at once. On the other hand, when it comes to women, men should begin with the breasts area to make her feel aroused from the very beginning. Now men better know what all they can do with that soft and bouncy region. Both the partners should try a wide range of third base acts to improve the chances of reaching a happy ending.

Home Base

“Let’s get naked and get into act” is not the same as “let’s explore each other’s body and go with the flow”. Your hormones should guide you with each passing phase, ultimately leading to the home base. Reaching the home base after a prolonged foreplay will automatically eliminate the need of using lubricants.

In conclusion, foreplay is all about going slow and deep, into each other’s sensitive spots. Every move you make should just feel right to your partner. Think of revisiting the bases and develop an emotional connect, for lasting and better sex.

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