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Make your rooms look larger using simple tricks

Lighter colors open up a room
Lighter colors open up a room

Make your house seem bigger using color, light, and furniture arrangement. The wall color, wall décor, furniture placement, and lighting can work together to make your house seem smaller or larger. Use these simple tips to create a spacious look and brighten your home.

Easy tips to make the room appear larger

Color can enlarge a room or close it in. Darker shades close in the space. Lighter wall colors open up any room. If dark colors are your passion, use them for accents such as pillows, candleholders, or lampshades.

Clutter is the number one space killer. Clutter includes family debris, displayed collections, table accents, an abundance of pillows, and picture arrangements. To control the clutter, use baskets to hold backpacks, shoes, and magazines. Incorporate your collectables into the room décor, use a vase to hold kitchen spoons, or spice rack to show off your statues or cars. Accent and floor pillows are sometimes useful, but if yours do not serve a purpose, toss them. If throws are a problem, use a zippered pillow cover to store the covers and toss them on your couch or chair instead of accent pillows.

Look at your pictures and wall decor. If you have chosen lighter wall colors that reflect light, make sure the wall is not covered with decorations. Hang just a few favorite pictures or other wall décor, and add mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, creating an illusion of space. Choose one large mirror or a mirrored wall collection, place a mirrored candleholder under your table lamps, or add a mirrored tray to hold the remotes.

The amount of furniture, the wood tone, and the fabric play a key role in creating a spacious appearance. Try to reduce the number of furniture pieces in each room. Instead of letting the furniture line the walls, center the couch in the living room and create a television space. Use a large ottoman as a coffee table, and tall lamps instead of table lamps. Include a small table with chairs for games, schoolwork, or reading. You can create a more spacious appearance in the bedrooms by arranging the bed so that the foot of the bed faces into the room. When you enter the room, the eye is drawn to the headboard and around the room.

A common decorator tip is to make your room contain rough, smooth and shiny items. This means that as your eye moves around the room, it should see differing surfaces in the way of accents and fabrics that are rough, smooth and shiny.

Uncover your windows. Choose light colored sheer panels in between the darker drapes, or take the curtains down and use the window film in co-coordinating room colors.

If you have a stairway or longer hall in your home, use this to display family photos. Arrange the photos at alternating heights, and add a few small mirrors between. This will keep the walls from closing in.

Remember, to create space, less is more.

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