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Make your room feel like the Queen of England's where you travel: Molton Brown

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We all would like to have a comforting scent in our hotel rooms when we travel -- eau de industrial hotel bleach doesn't cut it -- but some of us don't want to bring candles. Some hotels won't even let you light candles in your room; the Metropolitan in Tel Aviv asks you to burn Shabbat candles in the lobby, for example. Well, who creates such gorgeously scented products, including candle alternatives, that the Queen of England granted them a Royal Warrant in recognition of their status as “Supplier of Toiletries” to HM The Queen – Master of Household? Molton Brown, that's who! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

Aroma-Reeds are just about the most care-free, natural and modern way to scent a room, though you want to keep them away from pets and finished surfaces. Molton Brown describes them as "The best house guest you ever had":

  • The high grade fragrance blends will subtly perfume your space for up to three months, ensuring your home remains scented with the fragrance you love.
  • Unlike candles, you can leave these diffusers to their own devices while you head out to work or play.
  • Aroma-Reeds allow you to experience the true complexity of their fragrance blends due to the slow and steady diffusion of each scent.
  • You can vary the fragrance intensity by using fewer reeds.

Molton Brown has always sourced their fragrances from exotic ingredients around the world. I tried Ylang Ylang, a sweeter, sexy scent, made with Madagascan ylang-ylang. The product is luxurious and convenient.