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Make your own simple drop earrings in just a few steps

Do-it-yourself projects are a hot commodity this year, especially with Pinterest and other DIY bloggers on the rise. Almost everyone has an account, and a little inspiration goes a long way. Designer earrings can cost hundreds of dollars alone, but anyone can make their own custom earrings for less than $10.00.

Materials you will need to create your own drop earrings.
Materials you will need to create your own drop earrings.
Regardless of the style, drop earrings are always a timeless addition to your jewelry wardrobe.
Katie Holmes

For this project, you will need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Headpins (These can be hooked, rounded, pinhead, or decorative.)
  • 4-6 glass, crystal, or gemstone beads, preferably in the 5-11mm range. (For beginner level purposes, we will use 4 beads, but you can make the earrings as long as you like.)
  • 6 silver or gold metal spacers, preferably in the 2mm-3.5 mm range.
  • 2 silver or gold earring hooks
  • 2 plastic earring backs.

Tip: Make sure all of the metal tones match in regard to spacers, earring hooks, and headpins. This gives the earrings a more "pulled together" look.


  1. Starting with the headpin, add a metal spacer to the wire end of the headpin and slide the spacer toward the bottom near the hook, decoration, or rounded end.
  2. Add a glass bead after the metal spacer, sliding the beads together as close as possible. To create a drop shape, use the largest bead or a teardrop shaped bead. Using faceted and teardrop shaped beads gives the earrings texture.
  3. Add another metal spacer to the headpin, sliding it down closely to the other beads.
  4. Add your last glass bead to the headpin, and another metal spacer following the glass bead.
  5. Use your wire cutters to cut off any excess wire. Leave about half a centimeter of wire at the end- this is the wire you will use to create a loop and secure the beads to the headpin.
  6. Using your round nose pliers, loop the remaining wire over to connect to the body of the earring. Leave a little space open before closing the loop.
  7. Slip your earring hook onto the headpin via the open space before connecting the headpin together.
  8. Use your needle nose pliers to secure the loop to the body of the headpin, ensuring all of your beads are neatly in place.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 for the second earring.

Once your earrings are finished, you can wear them or put them on a homemade earring card to give as a gift. Make sure to secure the earrings in place with the plastic earring backs.

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