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Make your own pregnancy cast of your belly

Make your own pregnancy cast of your belly
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Pregnancy is a very special time for mothers. Your baby is growing inside you as a part of you. A pregnancy baby cast will preserve these moments. It becomes a wonderful reminder of those special times. In later years, you can show your child what mommy's pregnant belly looked like when he or she was growing inside you. Here's how to make a pregnancy baby cast to remember your pregnancy belly.

Casting supplies:

  • 4 rolls of 4 inch wide plaster casting strips (you will find these at a craft supply store)

  • Scissors to cut the plaster strips

  • 2 plastic drop cloths

  • Plastic or rubber gloves

  • A 2 foot section of plastic wrap

  • Petroleum jelly (like Vaseline)

  • A comfortable chair to sit in (this takes at least a half hour)

  • A helper (you will have to bare yourself for this so choose accordingly)

Finishing supplies:

  • Sanding screen

  • Damp sponge

  • Paintbrush and paint (if color is desired)

  • A non-toxic acrylic glaze such as Mod-Podge or Gesso

(for the helper)

Place one tarp under the chair. Drape one over the chair. Casting is a messy job.

Cut the plaster strips into workable pieces (12-18 inches long). Cut 3 small squares (2-3 inches) for detail work. These are for the nipple area and belly button.

Place the basin of water in a stable spot near the work area. The water is to dip the plaster strips in.

Mom will need to remove any clothing that covers her pregnant belly. She may also wish to include her breasts in the casting, in which case that area should also be bare.

Any areas being cast will need to be coated with a layer of petroleum jelly. This is to keep the pregnancy baby cast from sticking to skin and body hair. Mom may want to do this herself.

Place the plastic wrap across the underwear area to cover pubic hair so it does not stick to plaster.

Before beginning, make sure mom is not hungry or thirsty. Be sure she has made a trip to the restroom. Mom must hold as still as possible until the cast is dry. This takes about a half hour.

Have mom sit in the chair in a comfortable position. The shape of the pregnancy baby cast will be more pleasing if she sits up straight. A small pillow should be placed behind her back for comfort.

Begin by wetting the three small squares, one at a time. These are placed over the nipples and the belly button. A bit of sculpting is required here to get the details in, so Mom may want to do this herself.

Start wetting the larger strips, one at a time. Place them to cover the entire area of the pregnancy baby cast.

Rather than laying all the strips in one direction, place them in random directions. This provides a smoother finish. Use smaller strips to detail curves more easily.

In order to be sure the pregnancy baby cast is the right thickness and stability, e sure every area of the belly and breasts are covered with at least two layers of strips. The edges should be a little thicker than the rest for handling.

When you're done placing the strips, wait for the plaster to dry. You'll know the cast is dry when it gets warm, heavy and pulls away from the pregnant belly.

Remove and handle the pregnancy baby cast carefully. Stuff it with newspapers. Lay it on a table to dry completely.

At this point mom will probably want a shower to clean the petroleum jelly and plaster off her pregnant belly.


Once the cast is dry, you'll have a replica of your pregnant belly to finish any way you like.

Smooth out any rough areas gently using the sanding screen and the damp sponge. Repair any bare patches or holes with plaster or plaster wrap. Let sponged and repaired areas dry.

Be creative. Paint your pregnancy baby cast whatever color you like,with designs or embellishments added or you can just leave it the natural plaster color.

Let the paint dry. Coat your pregnancy baby cast with acrylic glaze. Let it dry.

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