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Make your own natural essential oils air freshener

Lemon essential oil leaves a fresh scent in your home.
Lemon essential oil leaves a fresh scent in your home.
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Natural air freshener leaves the home smelling fresh without heavy perfumes. Make your own with natural essential oils. These air fresheners made with natural essential oils are so subtle guests will wonder what your secret is. Natural essential oils air freshener can be used in a wide variety of ways to make your home smell as clean as it is.

Lavender spray

My favorite air and fabric freshener is lavender natural essential oil. It has a light spring scent. I use this spray to freshen the air and on fabrics to eliminate stale odors. Lavender air freshener results in a calming effect. You can use your favorite scent as well. Just combine 10 drops of any essential oil with 2 cups water in a spray bottle. Shake before spraying.

Lemon cloths

Some people like to leave fresh cut lemons in their kitchen. The smell of lemon in essential oil makes for a more invigorating scent. Mix a few drops of it with the strained juice of one lemon and 1 cup water in a spray bottle. Spray on a clean dry cloth. Tuck into a light fixture, taking care not to let the cloth touch the bulb. Heat will activate the fresh lemon scent.

Jasmine bathroom freshener

Ever see those spinning fragrant toilet tissue holders? Use jasmine essential oil to create a natural version of this air freshener. Simply put a few drops of jasmine oil on the inside of the toilet tissue cardboard. Each time the rolls spins, the bathroom will be filled with the lovely fragrance of jasmine flowers.

Pine trash can freshener

Pine essential oil used in the kitchen gives a just cleaned impression. Many people associate the smell of pine with cleaning products. You know the nasty smell that generally wafts out when you change the trash bag? Put a few drops of pine essential oil on a folded newspaper. Place in the bottom of the trash can. Every time you change the bag, pine scent will waft out instead.

Cedar closet freshener

Cedar keeps clothes smelling wonderful and keeps the moths away as well. Save yourself from moth eaten clothing by using this natural air freshener. Put a few drops of cedar natural essential oils on a small piece of cloth. Slip the cloth into an organza drawstring bag. Hang the bag by the strings over a hanger.

Caution: Never use essential oils directly on skin.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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