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Make your own kite with the Asia Society

The Asia Society is hosting a kite building event on Saturday, February 15 from 1 to 3 p.m. at their location in Houston.

Kites flying during a festival
Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

Participants can come learn about the different kinds of kites.

In South Asia, kites are often used in kite-fighting games. The kites made for fighting are generally small, flat, tailless, and diamond in shape, which helps their flyers achieve agility and maneuverability.

In East Asia, the kites are often flown for holidays and tend to be more colorful and graceful. They are used during Children’s Day and the Weifang International Kite Festival, which is help in Shandong, China, each April.

The free event is open to the public, and includes both an education on Asian kites and a chance to build your own. And hold onto your flag if you build it – on March 29, you can bring it and fly it at the Hermann Park Kite Festival!

The Asia Society is located at 1370 Southmore Blvd in Houston. For more information, you can reach the Asia Society at 713-496-9901.

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