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Make Your Own Good Luck Amulets

With just a few household ingredients and a little time, you can make your very own amulets to attract good things your way. An amulet is simply an object that you empower through personal belief. A shamrock, a rabbit's foot, a lucky penny--all of these are amulets that are common place in our every day lore. That is, we are surrounded by amulets, objects of power, all of the time. There is nothing necessarily occult or obscure about amulets, so if that is a concern, relax.

Amulets are also used in many faiths and on many paths. These amulets originate in earth-honoring traditions, but can be used by anyone willing to try. Not to mention they're fun to make and are great as gifts!

Amounts of the ingredients are not hard and fast. The only concern is that you have an oven and know how to use it.

You will need:

Flour--for one batch, a cup should suffice

Water--enough to create a dough-like consistency

The spices that give these amulets their kick are also not a strict selection. Choose any combination or all of the following:






Black Pepper

Mix small amounts of your spices into the flour and water. Ideally you should be left with a medium to dark brown dough.

Pinch off a piece roughly enough to make a "cookie" two inches in diameter. Roll this into a circular shape.

The amulets are now ready to be baked at medium heat for about fifteen minutes. Watch that the batch doesn't burn! When baked, remove the circles and allow them to cool.

You can choose to make your amulet as a blank circle with the powers of the spices to work for you, but many people choose to put a symbol onto the amulet before baking. This is easily done with a knife and a careful hand. Simply draw the symbol into the dough without cutting all the way through. The symbol will appear nicely in the finished product.

What kind of symbol should you use? It's entirely up to you. Many turn their amulet into a portable pentacle by inscribing a star into the dough. The important thing is that you choose what is meaningful to you--what makes you feel powerful.

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