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Make your own conversation heart earrings

Create some candy jewelry sure to start conversations!
Create some candy jewelry sure to start conversations!
Claire Thalken

In the mood to make some low-cost valentine gifts? Consider creating some of these sweet conversation heart earrings which are sure to get people talking! The materials are easily acquired, and you are likely to have some of them already on-hand.

All you need:

  • conversation heart candies
  • plastic gloves (optional)
  • clear nail polish
  • cheap post earrings
  • a razor blade or thin, sharp knife
  • Loctite adhesive, resin, or epoxy
  • patience

First, gather your materials. While most of the materials are self-explanatory, for best results try to find some cheap steel post earrings that have been affixed with glue. If you don't mind spending more, your local craft store should also carry earring posts. Your glue should be both strong and clear when dried. I used Loctite waterproof adhesive, but epoxy or craft resin would also work great. Neither super glue nor hot glue are recommended as they do not create lasting holds.

Select your hearts. If you want your hearts to match, this includes a lot of pawing around in the candy. Wear the plastic gloves if you intend to eat any later. The most effective way to find matches is to first separate them into colors. Paint each heart in 5 to 6 coats of clear nail polish.

Between applying coats of nail polish, carefully remove the posts from the earrings. Work the razor or knife all the way around the glue dot, and it should come off easily. Remove the glue from the post.

Once the candy has been throughly coated and is dry, apply a small dab of glue to the earring post and apply to the candy. Make sure you put it where you want it on the first try, or the glue will look messy and the hold won't be as strong.

Wait 24 hours and your earrings are ready to wear!

Want to skip the work? Purchase pre-made conversation heart earrings!

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