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Make Your Own Blog Site

Personal Blog
Personal Blog

You can still shine no matter what age you are, orprofession, or position in life.

You need to highlight your blog to reflect you own skills. There are

over 100 million bloggers worldwide and a lot of potential employees,

and employers.

A blog will reflect you and your background:

  1. Latest techniques for Web savvy as an employee.
  2. Highlight your skills, experience, and other assets that you would
  3. not put in a resume.
  1. Helps you to keep your communication skills sharp.
  2. In this day and age you need to update your site.
  3. The updating will give you a lot of practice.
  1. Many businesses do Web searches and that is how they locate new
  2. employees and more talent.
  3. Blogging is essential in updating your blog with new material.

Your site should contain everything that you are involved in and

passionate about. It can be looked at as a public scrapbook. It should

contain your own opinion and observations about your niche in your

field and show that you are an expert. It can be a career makeover

for you in getting a new and better job.

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