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Make your own bird toys

Inexpensive bird toys are oftentimes just as fun as the more expensive ones
Inexpensive bird toys are oftentimes just as fun as the more expensive ones
Shelley Garza

Many parrot owners complain about the high cost of pet bird toys these days especially in this down economy. Parrot toys for large birds can be over $20.00 a piece and there is always the chance that the toy will not be liked by your bird. There are however alternatives to expensive toys. A parrot owner can make their own toys. Inexpensive bird toys can be just as fun as the more expensive ones.

Parrot owners can make their own toys. A trip to a local craft store can yield hemp rope, and felt pieces. The felt pieces can be cut up into strips and tied together for instance. Or a creative pet bird owner and make a snuggle, felt ring by purchasing a ring at a craft store and tying the felt pieces on the ring.

Another great idea is to make a macramé climbing ladder out of jute rope or sisal rope for your bird. This inexpensive alternative can be great fun for you and your parrot. Make Your Own Bird Toys is a website that offers a great resource for wood toy parts and other natural parts for the making of bird toys.

Newspaper can be used to make inexpensive shredding toys. Just make sure that the paper is not shiny ink and that it is soy based ink. Leather squares, leather strips, vegetable dyed wooden beads, acrylic shapes and cotton rope, unbleached coffee filters are just a few of the material that can be used to make bird toys.

Parrot owners can find inexpensive alternatives. However it is very important to make sure any bird toys are safe and non toxic for your parrot. Issues such as metal poisoning and getting tangled up in loose rope or strings can be a danger. Sharp edges and the eating of small toy pieces can be detrimental as well. Make sure the materials used are appropriate for you birds size and if necessary supervise the bird while playing and check toys often for problems. These hazard issues apply to store bought toys as well.

Helpful Resources for Making Bird Toys


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