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Make your new year's resolution smart marketing

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We have all seen it before Friends 747, Friends 2,897, Friends 3,618 how many of those people in your connection do you really text with, chat with or even just say 'hello' to?

Is Dunbar's Number really correct; are humans only capable of a cognitive level of 150 connections? If so then why all the emphasis on social media sites; focused on friending and following? Has it all been in vain, have you been wasting your time network marketing the wrong way?

Ever been one of those people who got locked out of their Facebook account and Facebook popped up all those pictures asking you to verify those in the photo just to prove you're the account holder? Do you really know those 3,618 connections that well, probably not!

Have you ever looked at your Facebook friend to follower ratio? Friend 2,897 Followers_______ did you really think it was going to say 2,897? Male model Henny Seroeyen , Followed by 470 people. That's not bad for Henny Seroeyen because he's got two other accounts maxed out on Facebook however we all can't be male models.

Make your new year's resolution smart marketing. Start by defining why you want to network. Are you a business looking to gain exposure, promote a product (professional networking) or are you looking to connect with family, friends, classmates (personal networking)?

Next take a look at your current network. If you're a business the majority of your connections should be professional, Aunt Margret should only be in your professional network if she's the CEO of a company.

If you have an active personal connection in your professional network leave them; that means if Aunt Margret is commonly known for sharing, posting comments and liking (contributing in some way to the good of the network) leave her. However, if Aunt Margret isn't an active member in the network then consider moving Aunt Margret to a personal network.

The same goes for professional members you may have in your personal network. Remember you want credibility posting about the last party you went to and got drunk at isn't very professional. You've been friends with Tom Turner since you started at the company; he's been in your personal network on Facebook since you started working there two years ago however you can't understand why you haven't been promoted yet.

Take a look at your top network contributors, those who post all the time, share, like and recommend; these are the people you want to keep within your network as long as they are contributing in a positive way. Make a list of those who need to be moved to another network, if you already have a personal page send them an invite causally explain you feel you can communicate more freely with them on the other network.

Determine how many people actually contribute to your network, are they active members or non-active members. If you have a lot of non-active members re-examine why they are in your network. Ask yourself when was the last time you sent them a message, replied to one of their posts shared one of their links. Remember networking is a two way street (you get what you give).

Last but not least 'If it's not working fix it!' Can't figure out why you're not getting head? Start making those changes today. Networking is about gaining resources and opportunities for growth both personal and professional.

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