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Make your New Year’s resolution about getting a better job

It’s that time of year; the time when many of us are reflecting on our lives and thinking about what we can do to make them better in the New Year. Coming up with New Year’s resolutions isn’t a new idea. There are those of us who continue to do so whether we are able to stick to them or not. It’s a challenge that’s hard to resist.

Resolve to find a better job

If the economy hasn’t forced you out of a job or your home, a flood or hurricane or tornado may have. Maybe it’s time to resolve to get your life back to running more smoothly, unless you’re one of the few who is always on top of things.

One thing you can do for yourself is to take a look at your work situation. If you’re stuck in a job that’s going nowhere or you’ve had to take a job you hate because of the economy, you might try to find something that works better for you. It may be time to dust off that old resume, give it a good updating, and get out and start pounding those sidewalks again.

Before you start the process though, make sure you know what kind of job or jobs you’ll be looking for and that you have the right expertise, experience, and interview skills for each. Workplace guru Stephen Viscusi suggests, for each job you apply, you tailor the objective in your resume to that particular situation, making changes as necessary. Viscusi says it doesn’t matter how many pages your resume has as long as you just stick to the facts. He also suggests the following in preparing a resume that will get you through the door:

1. Keep objective section under 140 words.
2. Add the website of each company you’ve worked for.
3. Put your education at the bottom, unless you’re out of college 3 years or less.
4. Never say references are available upon request, unless you do domestic work.
5. Remove your middle initial. It may look contrived and pretentious.
6. Don’t over design your resume or use fancy paper.
7. Do not add a photo.

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