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Make your Lynchburg summer bucket list

There's a lot of fun activities for families in Lynchburg, including many free outdoor activities to fill your summer days with fun
There's a lot of fun activities for families in Lynchburg, including many free outdoor activities to fill your summer days with fun
Sandy Wallace

Summertime is just around the corner so it's time to create your Lynchburg summer bucket list. Within a week or two of school ending, those words you dread will be uttered by your child, "I'm bored."

Summertime is for relaxing and enjoying time with the family
Sandy Wallace

Before boredom has a chance to start, stop it in its tracks with a summer bucket list filled with things to do, places to go and favorite activities. Making a summer bucket list can help your children learn to take charge of their own happiness. Teach your kids to pick an idea out of the bucket when they are bored. Here are some other ideas to help fight summer boredom.

Find local activities at Lynchburg Macaroni Kid, a weekly newsletter filled with family-friendly activities and events in Lynchburg and the surrounding area. Start with listing summer events you'd like to attend on your family calendar.

Let your kids write down their ideas on pieces of paper, craft sticks or in a spiral notebook. Let each child include ideas that are free and can be done alone at home, ideas to do with more than one person, and ideas that can be done elsewhere. For kids too young to write, have them draw pictures or an adult can help them with their list.

Some of the places you might enjoy going as a family during the summer include: Miller Park pool, Amazement Square, FunQuest, Putt-Putt, bowling, Hillcats baseball game, out for ice cream or another sweet treat, Bounce About, Snowflex, the movies, LaHaye Ice Center, Smith Mountain Lake, Natural Bridge Zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, Appomattox Court House, National D-Day Memorial and Lynchburg Museum.

Some ideas for free places to go include: the library, the park, the school playground, Sprayground, Peaks of Otter, the trails above Snowflex, the Appalachian Trail, Crabtree Falls, Percival's Island, the Blackwater Creek Bikeway, Riverside Park, Peaks View Park, Ivy Creek Park, Miller Park, your child's school playground, Omniterrum globe museum, Sharp Top Mountain, Kids Cove at Thomas Road Baptist Church, Monument Terrace, the big swing at Old City Cemetery, walking around downtown and fishing in the James River.

Some free things to do at home include: reading a book, watching a movie, playing a board game, playing kickball in the back yard, drawing, baking cookies, playing wiffleball, singing a song, blowing bubbles, dancing, playing with a pet, drawing with sidewalk chalk, building with Legos, and putting on a play.

Invest in some inexpensive craft items from the dollar store or Walmart and set up a craft box for rainy day fun. Include scissors, construction paper, pom-poms, glue, stickers, glitter, yarn, markers, beads of various sizes and shapes, paints and brushes, ribbon, foam sheets or shapes, and stampers.

Put old Halloween costumes into a big plastic box to use for dress-up play. Add a few fancy dresses or some of Dad's old shirts. Buy an inexpensive set of face paint and some baby wipes and let your kids practice on one another.

Have each child start a summer journal and write in it each day about what they did and how they spent their day. Have each child read part of their journal aloud at dinner time.

Invent a new board game. Start with a big sheet of poster board and let the kids sketch out their ideas first before choosing one of them or let each child make their own game.

Create a family band using simple instruments you create: a pan with a wooden spoon, pennies in a piggy bank, or a plastic water bottle filled with dried beans.

Make up a story with each person taking turns contributing part of the story. Let one family member be the scribe who writes it all down. This is a great activity to do during a family road trip.

Make a family tree for each child's room using photos of family members. Let the child draw a tree on a big sheet of construction paper or poster board and add names and photos of each person.

Plant a garden or take turns watering the garden you have already planted. Cut fresh flowers from the garden to put in a vase for dinner or pick vegetables from the garden to cook for dinner.

Let each child invite one friend over for a fun day. Plan back yard activities including water games, ball games, and relay races. Don't wait until boredom strikes because you know it will eventually. Get ahead of the game and you can win the boredom game.

Summer in Lynchburg is fun for all ages. Plan ahead and you'll be ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Keep track of local events you'll want to enjoy by writing them on your calendar. Let the kids pick activities to enjoy to keep boredom away.

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