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Make your job work in 2014

Confetti falls throughout Times Square during the New Years Eve celebration in New York City.
Confetti falls throughout Times Square during the New Years Eve celebration in New York City.
Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

The New Year is an exciting time! If you've already made a few resolutions, here is another one to add to your list: increasing your job satisfaction. This resolution is applicable to everyone, regardless of title, industry, or how long you’ve been in your position. Why? Job satisfaction is about attitude and having a better one will make you successful. The following list will help you increase both today!

  • Display a bright spot within your work area: Take a moment to look around your office and notice what is surrounding you. If you cannot identify at least one item that makes you smile, maybe a picture or memento, then you should add one ASAP. Glancing at something with a special meaning tied to it can be a welcome reminder of what/who you are really working for. This should make you smile through a challenging time.
  • Leave work at work: Try not to take work home with you. If this is impossible, at least try to bring as little home as necessary so that you can finish it quickly and relax.
  • Take a lunch break: If you go to work at 8am, leave at 5pm, and skip a lunch break, you are making a big mistake! Why? You are missing a valuable opportunity to get fresh air, reflect, and recharge your mind for the 2nd half of your day. This can help change your outlook tremendously.
  • Declare your corner: Find one area of expertise and become known for it. For example, some people are great at crafting email replies while others may be good at brainstorming. Once you declare your expertise, you might be pleasantly surprised by who will consult you for assistance. You might also enjoy sharing your expertise with others.

Job satisfaction in 2014 can be a reality. It can change your attitude and your life. Start today by adding these four suggestions.

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