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Make your job search a day at the beach

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Kenneth L. Johnson

So you've heard the economy was picking up, there are more jobs as a result and your “BFF” just landed a dream position with a great company. Now you decided that it’s time to switch into gear and venture out into the job search jungle! Hold on…hold on…let’s go for a different approach. Instead of venturing out on the plains to fight for a job like a zebra navigating its way to water on The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, let’s take another approach and avoid the job search jungle altogether.

I suggest that you take a more serene approach and view it as a day at the beach. Now, I frequent the beach and I have to say…I don't recall seeing many help wanted signs and no one approached me with a job opportunity but let’s not lose the point. I didn't say get a job at the beach…although it’s not a bad place to spend 40 hours a week…I said approach your job search like a “day at the beach”. Every good beach day involves a few essentials; great weather, a chair or beach towel, sun glasses and for iPhone. Just as every successful job search requires a few necessities as well; a desired position, a branding statement and a few job search advocates…and for iPhone.

Here’s where we take a turn away from the beach theme and put our feet in the ocean (I couldn't resist). An effective job search is a multi-tiered process. For those that decide to spend day after day sitting at the computer applying randomly to position after position online…please email me because you really need our services. You’re doing it all wrong! The online application is the least effective way to find a job…the statistics bear this out…a survey conducted by the Executive Search and Employment Services firm East Coast Executives reports that less than 10% of job seekers secure positions via Job Boards. I’m not suggesting that you abandon job boards completely but I do suggest that you consider the facts and simply use them to gather information on positions and companies.

In today’s job market the name of the game is networking and career resources. You’ll gain much more information and assistance by reaching out and networking with former colleagues, friends and associates. Not only will the information they provide be up to date but once they clearly understand what it is that you’re looking for they may be willing to act as a job search advocate. If you partner effective networking with the utilization of Career Centers, Job Clubs, Resource Centers and Agencies…you’ll be working before the official end of summer…which happens to be “Labor” Day.

Enjoy your summer and much success.

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