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Make your hotel room, home smell exquisite with Krigler candles

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When I was a kid, I studied violin with the Co-Concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony. Twice a week, I headed to his home in the tony North Shore suburbs of Chicago for my lesson. As he also was an adjunct professor of violin at Northwestern, I often had to wait for other students' lessons to wrap up. I was always taken downstairs to the family's informal living room in this sleek split-level to wait. As I did so, I soaked in all of the minimalist decor; after all, my young mind surmised, this is how the "other half" must live.

On a gleaming, cleaning lady-cleaned glass table were always elegant candles. My folks never had decorative candles, I bitterly rued. I vowed that when I was a grown-up, my home would always have elegant candles!

The finest candles have a hint of aroma even when they aren't lit. That's why many world travelers -- celebrities, A-listers, etc. -- always travel with candles! They help make unfamiliar hotel rooms to be a more elegant, inviting atmosphere. When they're lit, even more so!

Having seen hundreds of rock and country music stars' contract riders in my days of musician management, I can tell you that many musicians require them in their green rooms. They're very specific about brand and scents, too. A very famous musician I worked with explained it to me like this: something seemingly small (like a specific candle) is a benchmark. If you can't trust a venue to do something you can easily see -- like get you the specific, top-quality candle you requested -- how will you know if they have placed the mics and cables correctly throughout the stage? That explains in a nutshell the "green M & M" thing. More often, though, you'll see candles as the test, because celebrities actually enjoy them more.

One favorite fragrant candle line that is beloved by stars is Krigler. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Krigler fragrance house started in New York and Monte Carlo in 1904 and by the Jazz Age, was a favorite of royalty and celebrities. Their scented candles burn from 40 up to 800 hours. I was able to experience "Manhattan Rose" scent, an unmistakable rose, but with a woody/sensuous note. It was definitely not powdery or old-ladyish. Rather, it's quite alluring! This is what they say about it:

A Blend of roses from Grasse and Upstate New York, a delight of violet, aldehydes, musc and cyprus. A very natural scent to enlighten your days and nights.