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Make your home stand out with customized address plaques

Address plaques add distinction and personality to your home.
Address plaques add distinction and personality to your home.
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Your home reflects your personality in so many different ways, from the interior finishes and furniture to the landscaping and overall design. But the unique details and personal touches are what take a house beyond the ordinary. Both practical and pretty, an address plaque customized to your family is a must for the discerning homeowner that wants to stand out from their neighbours.

An address plaque can speak volumes about you and your family. has a wide selection of plaques that will be perfect for your home. Show a love for nature with wildlife decals or put on a party atmosphere with the “Time for a Toast” motif. Be more than just a number and welcome visitors with a little peek into your personality.

Attached to a wall or pillar or installed alone on the lawn, these address plaques are a simple touch. For safety and security, opt for the illuminated or reflective plaques – your address will truly glow and no one will miss the house again.

Not just for sprawling grounds, the lawn marker plaques look prestigious and classy. Place them at the end of your driveway, along a front garden or against a wall. These lawn markers can simply boast your civic address or can include a glimmer of who you are with as a shamrock, a monogram or other specialty decals.

Not just for the pizza boy, a memorial plaque commemorates a special time. Get the look of an heirloom with a plaque boasting the year your home was built. Or remember the beloved family pet with a marker and a heartfelt message. Memorial plaques say more then your address - they can communicate a family motto, memento or anything else.

Address plaques are reminiscent of fine homes in upscale neighbourhoods. Their classic designs compliment any home’s style and boast of care and attention. Truly no two are the same.

Looking to stand out in your suburb? Or simply to put the finishing touch on your home’s exterior décor? Don’t leave out a customized address plaque in your favourite design. It’s that final detail that will make all of the difference.


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