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Make your home office green

Go Green!
Go Green!
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Being green is all the rage.  And I'm not talking about green hued office accessories, I'm talking about making your home office eco-friendly.  By making little changes you can help save the planet and save some money.

Here are a few tips to be green at your home office:

Laptop - Did you know that laptops use one-third the power (22 watts) of a typical desktop (68 watts) when in active mode, according to the American Council for an Enery Efficient Economy.  And this can add up too - annually, a laptop could save you about $19 compared with a desktop.

Monitor - If you must have a desktop computer, choose a flat-panel screen instead of the old fashioned CRT monitor. One of those huge CRT monitors consumes about 70 watts of power, while an LCD or flat-panel eats only 27, according to ACEEE data. Savings are estimated to be about $1 over a year, this stuff adds up!

Put on a Sweater -  If you lower your thermostat by 10%, you can save up to 10% on annual heating bills, or about $100 per year. Just put on a sweater and slippers and you'll be fine (remember, slippers are one of the great advantages to working from home anyway)!

Energy Star Computers - If you are looking for a new computer,  look for EnergyStar-rated computers and other office machinery like copiers, fax machines, etc. EnergyStar estimates that using these rated electronics in your home office can save $115 over the products’ lifetimes.

Consider your Lighting - By replacing traditional bulbs with CFL's you can actually save up to $15 a year according to EnergyStar.  Also try to utilize task lighting vs. whole-room lighting.

See how easy it can be?  So, start today and go green!


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