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Make Way for the Collin County Castaways

Collin County Castaways
Collin County Castaways
Collin County Castaways

The Collin County Castaways – A new organization that consists of a few girls, a lot of hope and determination to do better by Collin County’s animals. The Collin County Castaways are giving second chances to the animals in the Collin County Animal Shelters.

The Collin County Animal Shelter is a KILL Shelter that serves 14 cities and unincorporated areas. They have very little adoption traffic. The euthanization rate is high.

The Collin County Castaways’ mission is to inform and engage the public to help bring about change and give the animal’s rights back to the animals. They are a proactive team lending their efforts to being part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Won’t you join them in their efforts? Find them on facebook and “like” their page. You will find interactive conversation on their missions and goals.

Look for information on their website and facebook page for adoption events, animals available for adoption and other ways you can help and/or donate.

They are currently looking for anyone who can foster an animal, as well as food, supplies and any item that would be of assistance.