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Make walking for weight loss more effective

Walking in the sand increases resistance.
Walking in the sand increases resistance.
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Walking for weight loss is popular for good reason. Walking for weight loss allows you to lose weight fast without the high impact of running. Lose weight fast by adding these routines and equipment to your walking for weight loss regimen.

Walking poles

The intensity of walking for weight loss increases with the addition of walking poles. Walking poles are often used by overweight people to support their weight while walking. Walking poles ease pressure on joints while increasing calorie burn. This is due to the addition of hand and arm movement to the stride.

Hand weights

Hand weights are another way to implement hand movement while walking for weight loss. Walk with 3 pound weights in hand to lose weight fast. When walking for weight loss hold hands at a 90 degree angle and pump arms as you walk.

Foot rocking

Rock the feet while walking for weight loss and lose weight fast. With each step, land first on the heel then rock to the ball of the foot. This move works the glutes and hamstrings, strengthening thighs and butt for fat loss through muscle building.

Walking buddies

Walking for weight loss with walking buddies keeps your mind off the pain. It's easier to stick to an exercise routine you find enjoyable. Pleasant conversation makes walking for weight loss seem less like work. Lose weight fast by sticking to the exercise routine.


Walking for weight loss in a scenic location puts the mind at ease. Feel in touch with mother nature and lose weight fast. A connection to the earth makes us feel better our accomplishments. Avoid unsightly neighborhoods that increase depression and hopelessness. These feelings can sabotage an exercise routine.


Music is an uplifting addition to walking for weight loss. Music also helps us keep a steady rhythm while walking. Repetitive movement works muscle groups repeatedly so you lose weight fast. A fancy I-pod is unnecessary. You will lose weight fast with an old radio and headphones too.

Alternate strides

Work different muscle groups by alternating strides. Start walking for weight loss at a slow and steady pace. Gradually add in alternating strides of differing style and intensity. Walking backwards is one stride that helps you lose weight fast.

Alternate terrain

The even surface of the sidewalk provides no give for tired feet. Try walking on alternate terrain such as grass, dirt and rocky paths. To lose weight fast work a staircase into your exercise routine. Stair stepping will get those buns into shape while walking for exercise.

This article is based on personal experience and not intended to replace professional medical advice

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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