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Make Valentine's Day Memorable For Her

Make Valentine's Day memories that will last a lifetime with her.
Make Valentine's Day memories that will last a lifetime with her.

When buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your lady, you do not want to go wrong. The extravagance of the gift will depend on how long you two have known each other or have been together. It is quite easy to buy for someone who specifically says “oh I want that for Valentine’s Day”. But what do you do if you aren’t given any clues?

Try to think back to when you two first met. Although getting to know each other never ends, the beginning of the relationship is the most crucial. The beginning of the relationship is when you share the little things about yourself that don’t seem like much but are very meaningful to that person. A list of things you should consider while choosing a gift are:

  1. Has she ever told you a childhood show she used to watch? This would be a simple, inexpensive yet meaningful gift, especially if you two haven’t been together very long.
  2. Is she into videogames or books? What does she like to do in her spare time? Find out her likes and dislikes. Maybe you could get her an old game from her past, a book from her favorite author or a CD from her favorite artist.
  3. If you are pressed on money and literally only have a couple dollars, you could make her something. This will be especially meaningful if she likes romance. If you aren’t sure if she likes the whole romantic scene, pay attention to what she watches. If she ‘awws and ooos’ while watching weddings or a romantic gesture, then she loves romance. You could write her a nice love letter. But considering this is one of the only things you are getting her, make sure it is a long one. You could possibly throw in a poem or two as well.
  4. Unless she is allergic or hates flowers, you could not go wrong with getting her bouquet of flowers. Roses are the most romantic flowers, or you could find out her favorite flower. Do not be obvious while asking what kind she likes because then she’ll know you are getting her them for Valentine’s Day. You could possibly play ’20 questions’ and get to know each other more. Have the ‘what’s your favorite flower’ as a middle question so you don’t seem too eager, but you also don’t seem like you’re leaving the most important question for last.
  5. What is her favorite animal? A stuffed animal goes with any girl’s décor. Even if she does not have many stuffed animals, a small stuffed animal attached with a piece of jewelry or a card would be special coming from you.

These are just a few things to consider while choosing her gift. A few gift ideas that you could go for are:

  1. A CD from her favorite artist.
  2. A childhood TV show or movie
  3. Flowers, a card and chocolates
  4. A stuffed animal or an actual animal. If she’s been wanting a kitten or a puppy (if her parents/landlord allow pets)
  5. A love letter
  6. Cook her dinner with candles and romantic music
  7. Jewelry. If you don’t have much money you can just get a pair of low grade diamond earrings for about $50 or less. Walmart and other stores may have good Valentine’s Day selections.

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time to find that perfect gift. As long as you know your special lady, this should be an easy task. A side note to buying jewelry, find out if she prefers gold or silver before buying it. You don’t necessarily have to come out and ask her which one she prefers. All you have to do is pay attention to what kind of jewelry she wears. Make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

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