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Make time to move and eat


Antronette Yancey      Photo: UCLA

Nearly everyone knows it: Exercise and healthy eating are good for you. And most people have the same obstacle: time.

For everyone the first step is to make it a priority to get moving and eating well. Then it takes planning to make it happen.

Role models
It seems like only movie stars and great athletes can make it all happen. Guess again.

Check out Dr. Antronette Yancey. She’s a professor at UCLA and an expert on chronic disease prevention, has published more than 100 articles, book chapters, editorials and videos and is about to publish a book Instant Recess: How to Build a Fit Nation for the 21st Century, according to her UCLA bio. She plays basketball, writes poetry and performs as a spoken word artist, according to a UCLA Magazine article by Kristine Breese.

How important is exercise and good eating?
Dr. Yancey speaks Wednesday, Nov. 4, at a symposium in Los Angeles whose title says how important: It’s the UCLA Cancer Prevention and Control Symposium: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating – a Public Health Priority. Dr. Yancey will talk about how to make movement and eating well part of a routine.

Physical activity and eating properly reduce the risks for many diseases. And if that's not a concern, in the meantime, it just means we feel better.

More info: Read about Dr. Yancey in UCLA Magazine. View some of her presentations.