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Make this spring-time wreath out of Peeps.

Peeps are a favorite Easter treat, but may not be good for the waist-line. So save yourself some calories and make this fun and silly wreath from Peeps. This is easy but messy, so prep your surface with lots of newspaper and have fun.


Foam board, (our wreath is 17" in diameter

Elmers gel glue

Tooth picks

Peeps- 36 pink bunnies, 20 yellow chicks, 32 blue bunnies, 24 green chicks

Polyurethane coating spray, clear


Utility knife


Cut  out a 17" circle from the foam board and cut a second 10" circle from the inside of that circle. This is your wreath base. Glue the blue bunny's on first, centered in the middle of the wreath width. Keep bunnies attached, but separate their ears so they spread well. Use a lot of gel glue and let the bunnies dry before you add the next group of peeps. Now add the yellow chicks. After you glue the yellow chicks on you need to a push tooth pick into each chick from the outside of the wreath so that it sticks into the blue bunnies. If you push the tooth pick in far enough, the marshmellow from the peep covers it and it will not show.  The tooth picks help the chicks stay in place while the glue dries. Add the green chicks next and push the toothpicks in from the inside of the wreath. The pink bunnies are last and the toothpicks are pushed in from the bottom of the bunny. Spray with plastic coating and you are done. I hung this from the foam board back on a picture hook. This is and indoor wreath unless you want it to melt and you can use it for Halloween.