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Make the world of continuous creation your own

More skies to contemplate and enjoy the view from and to...
More skies to contemplate and enjoy the view from and to...

Tikkunei Zohar Section 105b…And Qudsha Brikh Hu takes these words and He builds worlds with them, of which it is stated: (Isaiah 66:22) For as the new heavens and the new earth which I am making…

Awesome skies above

You build worlds when you unify the concepts of Creation and Manifestation making new heavens and new earths. You builds with words of unity coming from thoughts of unity coming from unity itself. You have within you the Creation that is ongoing. It responds to your comprehension to your intention and your invention. What you stand upon is the throne of glory, that fundamental singularity which infuses everything with its pulsing with its reflection and with its eternal life.

When you are able to take into account everything that is all around you and unite with the heavens and earth in a single purpose to make things better than you are riding along the flow of manifest Creation. It is for this purpose that we are placed in this Garden of Eden to dress of keep it. We have the directive to make things better. Now this good that is in our charge in not just a personal good. It is the good for all. It means that every part of our world must be corrected or transformed back to its limitless perfection.

Every thought therefore is fair game for our awareness to either accept and multiply or reject and dissipate. We are building in thought of everything that appears in our world. Imagine that in this very moment you are starting anew. In truth you are because of the continuous nature of Creation. Think about your world. How would you have things be? Now in many cases such a meditation is an excuse for composition, a reason to think of a better way to be. Start with your own environment and work your way out. You are the center of the expression of your good. From there radiate outwards into the world ever expanding your vision to include more and more of the world healing its hurts and enhancing its beauty.

Kabbalah teaches you to never just react to something going on around you. Everything is an opportunity to make it better. You see a person in need and you help them. In this act you make things better. Follow through in like fashion with everything that appears to you having one thought in mind; how can I make things better?