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Make the right adjustments: When substituting a food processor with a blender

Not all recipes are written the same, nor do they require the same preparation tools or appliances to create them. When a recipe says use a food processor there is a reason for it and the same foes for a blender. There are times when these two kitchen appliances can be substituted for each other when you want to make them interchangeable. Some adjustments are required to obtain the same results.

Food processor vs. the blender!
Jackson Cooking Examiner / Beverly Mucha

First off, a blender has a carafe which is narrow while a food processor contains a wider bowl. The blades on a blender are much smaller than those on a food processor. Secondly, the blender was designed to puree ensuring silky and smooth blends such as a smoothie. It can also be used to crush ice, grate hard cheeses, create bread crumbs and mix frozen drinks. The food processor excels in chopping up ingredients. It is also great for mixing soups and salsas, blending or kneading dough and allowing for more texture to the ingredients to remain after them have been processed.

Here are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind to make the substitute from food processor to blender:

A blender may require slightly more liquid than when a food processor is used. To reach the desired consistency always add the extra liquid slowly and a little at a time.

Never overfill the blender. It works more efficiently when it is half or three-quarters full. Processing a few batches with the ingredients provides the best results instead of trying to blend the whole batch at once.

Food processors have a pulse button but not all blenders have that option. If it does, use this function if you choose the blender as your choice of appliance. If it doesn’t have this function, do quick motions of on and off’s and stir the mixture in between to try and replicate a pulse function.

When using the blender remember the smaller blades so when adding cubed foods or dense foods always cut them into smaller chunks so the blender can handle chopping them up.

Enjoy small kitchen appliances and know you can use one or the other when following a recipe!

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