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Make the Most of Your Stock Photography on Your Business Website

Stock photography is one of the most common sources for images on a website. Unless you have a good camera and go out to take pictures of everything that pertains to your website content, you probably have a few. However, the effectiveness of stock photography can swiftly be reduced if you forget to adapt the image properly.

Stock photography is intended to be generic in nature. Most of the copyright and royalty free options that you find online are particularly so. If you purchase from a stock photography site or a professional photographer, you may wind up with something more specialized. But when you get the image, you must make sure that you adapt it properly.

The image itself can be modified, incorporated into other images, and so forth. In this way, you can make the stock photography significantly more relevant to your site. Just make sure that the photograph you have purchased meshes well with your intended plans. A simple copy and paste can work quite effectively, but you want to avoid amateurish appearances.

The photo needs to be adapted to a size that works for the format it is presented in. While some sites such as Shutterstock and 123RF allow users to purchase the precise sizes that they need, others sell one size in a high resolution. These images can be adapted on web templates to fit the image window, but they maintain the same resolution. This, in turn, increases website loading times. Most of the time the image itself can be taken to a low resolution without losing anything.

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