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Make the most of Mother's Day

Mother's Day honors mothers everywhere.
Mother's Day honors mothers everywhere.
Loretta Arnold, RHE

What does May bring other than flowers? A happy Mother's Day. Join the Triangle in the grand tradition, and great honor, of remembering mom on Mother's Day (May 11th).

Mother's Day requires spending time with your mom. Deal breaker? She can forget her car keys, but never childbirth. She deserves all the respect Aretha can give. She's still calling, even though she hates the phone. She's mom. The same strong lady who put up with you after all these years. One word - stretchmarks. You owe her kid, big time.

Locals, start your engines! It's time to kick it into Mother's Day drive.

Hold a family party in her honor. Have the family gather to make mom her favorite dinner followed by a cake of choice, a gift she desires and games she'd play. Request a sibling to assist with preparations. Pick a location and time suitable for everyone. Celebrate Mother's Day with the entire family.

We've got a runner! Give mother Mother's Day early by supporting her RunRaleigh Races entry. RunRaleigh Races offers "Mother of all Races 10k & 5k" along Neuse Greenway, starting at Wakefield Pines and Falls of the Neuse. This event benefits the Pretty in Pink Foundation, a foundation focused on uninsured, or low-insured, cancer patients. RunRaleigh Races hosts numerous charity running events. And on May 11th someone will hear "run Forrest, run!" Run over to RunRaleigh Races for more.

Visit the corner of Ten Ten and Lake Wheeler Rd to Porter Farms & Nursery. Pick strawberries for mom. Make strawberry shortcakes just for her. Topped off with Cool Whip and fresh strawberries. Strawberries go well with salads, cereals, eggs, waffles and pancakes. Ice cream, pound cake and pies. Visit Porter.

Tip: Sacrifice without complaint, especially on Mother's Day.

Museum of Natural Sciences was recently honored with a very impressive award on a list of the nation's best. When there are over 125,000 after combining both library and museums, and the local science museum lands on the top ten, expect only good things to come. Take mom to the Museum of Natural Sciences. But is mom really into that?

There's easier ways to celebrate Mother's Day, mother approved.

Movies are always a hit! Summer releases include "22 Jump Street", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Transformers: Age of Extinction", and so on. Moms usually prefers maturer films. Buy her a ticket to the movie of her choice as a babysitter can view the kid flick with the children in the next theater room. Not going out? Check out Netflix, Red Box, even YouTube, because there's always something for everyone. Everyone.

Tip: Do not mention "baby weight" on Mother's Day.

Time to say more than just Happy Mother's Day! Personalize it.

Creating a shirt for a local mom has much to offer in option. Use fabric paint to apply "Raleigh's #1 Mom" on a cotton tee, a plain designer bag, or an apron. Allow to dry.

Make a Happy Mother's Day cake. Pound cake, angel cake, red velvet cake, apple pie, fruit tarts, cup cakes, doughnuts and dips are all good ideas to spark mother's happy place. A place where she smiles and has only good things to say.

Purchase an item with a short and sweet message just for mom. Could be a page marker, a pen set, or a gold engraving. You can't go wrong with a gift and brief message. "Thank you" is good but "I love you" is better.

Tip: Keep Mother's Day messages simple to avoid being smothered by hugs.

Let mom be mom. It's her day. Allow her to lecture, correct and revise past tales. Let her be the center of attention, the queen of the ball, the woman for which no other could compare. She's strong. She's invincible. She's your mother and she wants to know what you're doing on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

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